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We understand small business and managed service provider compliance needs.


Red Queen Dynamics produces Dynah, the only full SaaS cybersecurity & compliance program platform for small & medium businesses.


Protect Your Business

We specialize in helping companies show insurers and customers their security program and current compliance, including documentation, architecture reviews, and more.

Red Queen Dynamics has automated the only cybersecurity orchestration platform for small and mid-sized businesses - built upon the lessons learned from over ten years as a hands-on cybersecurity consulting service.


Our Offerings


Your team answers one question a week and your compliance with NIST CSF slowly, steadily ticks upward in the background. 

Data Retention & Security Policies

This can include data storage & retention policies, change management policy, data backup policy, asset destruction, treatment of financial data, encryption policy, information classification, network access/BYOD policies, and policy administration information.

Privacy Policy

This policy collection can include data collection and use, categorization of data, data portability, data access and deletion requests, data retention, regulatory compliance policies, and contact information.

Employee Acceptable Use Policy (EAUP)

This can include expectations for recruits, vendors, and customers, authentication and authorization policy, remote access and/or information handling policies and incident response directives.

Contingency Planning & Policies

Business continuity plan & disaster recovery plan.

Secure your business today!

Meet Dynah.

Do you need a solution to understand how close to your organization is to full compliance?

Dynah is a continuous compliance software that reminds your employees once a week to answer a simple question and then gives valuable feedback based on the answer selected.


Dynah Pricing

Scalable security solutions perfect of business up to 100 employees. 


Dynah +

Starting at $2500/yr

Enrollment in our Phase 2 SaaS System, Dynah

  • Framework compliance attestations

  • Policy Writing

    • EAUP
    • Privacy Policies
    • Data Security Policies
    • Contingency Planning Policy

What's Included

  • *You* Specific Language

    We focus on you and what you have, want and need to be sure that we have your small to mid-sized business covered through our personalization.

  • Expert Knowledge

    We have experts in the business working on your policies and phase 2 SaaS system, so your anxiety melts away and you know you're not on your own.

  • Compliance

    Not complaints. With many thrilled customers, we are proud to offer our services to everyone who needs to find the definition of done in their businesses compliance and policy arena.

  • Follow Ups

    We're engaging - from consult, scoping, kick off, and document delivery to 4 planned check-ins, we're here to make sure you're never lost when it comes to us.

  • Recommendations

    If you need something we're not the experts on, we won't pretend - our connections in the tech world allow us to refer you to only the best for your needs. 

  • Privacy

    We ensure your privacy is completely and wholly secure - you only see your name on our website if you feel comfortable giving us a testamonial.

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