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A Small Business for Small Businesses


It's time to educate, engage, and cultivate your security awareness - with us by your side. No more late nights worrying if your  assets are safe.

The clarity you needed, framed in a way that makes sense.

Easy to Connect 

We're ready to connect with you at any point in your process, and our customer success specialists are always prepped for your engagement.

Less anxiety for you, with focused intentionality from us.


You're not going to get passed to a different department in an endless loop of frustration.  Once you choose to start your journey with us, we're in it with you.

Our small business, for your small business.

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After Tarah and James discuss common factors that confuse a non-tech person, Liz gives us the outsider perspective.

12.15.2022 SMB Starter Kit

CEO Tarah Wheeler & Sr. Manager of Sales & Growth Liz Steiner comment on the new CISA checklist - Liz gets to scaffold learning for those not fluent in tech speak.

11.02.22 Cybersecurity Office Hours

CEO Tarah Wheeler and Sr. Manager of Sales & Growth Liz Steiner chat about how to make security important to everyone in your business.
10.20.22 Cybersecurity Office Hours

CEO Tarah Wheeler lets us know what she does FIRST if she thinks she may have a breach.
10.06.22 Cybersecurity Office Hours