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Career Opportunities

Don't see the role for you?

We're still small and the team can only grow so quickly. If you'd like to work with us, reach out so that we can keep you in mind as we continue to expand. Send us a resume or CV if you have it, and let us know what sorts of roles you should be considered for.

We’re Red Queen Dynamics, Inc. [RQD], a remote-first security SaaS startup with people in Washington, North Carolina, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, California, New Hampshire, Delhi, and more.

Red Queen Dynamics makes Dynah, a web application which makes it easy to assess and improve security & compliance for SMBs. We’re a small startup with customers, a great team, and an amazing future.

We’re remote-first without a central office: each of us is responsible for our own workspace. Our time zones are spread among the US and India, with core meetings at the intersection (early for the US West Coast, late for India). Our remote collaboration is built around Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. Remote and semi-asynchronous collaboration means that we care more about workload than which specific hours are worked. Still, we try to keep consistent work hours and genuinely switch off at the end of the day.