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Services and Pricing

RQD Pricing Matrix
Please contact us for a personalized quote for Enterprise pricing

All plans include...

  • You Specific Language

    We focus on you and what you have, want and need to be sure that we have your small to mid-sized business covered through our personalization.

  • Expert Knowledge

    We have experts in the business working on your policies and phase 2 SaaS system, so your anxiety melts away and you know you're not on your own.

  • Compliance

    Not complaints.  With many thrilled customers, we are proud to offer our services to everyone who needs to find the definition of done in their businesses compliance and policy arena.

  • Follow Ups

    We're engaging - from consult, scoping, kick off, and document delivery to 4 planned check-ins, we're here to make sure you're never lost when it comes to us.

  • Recommendations

    If you need something we're not the experts on, we won't pretend - our connections in the tech world allow us to refer you to only the best for your needs. 

  • Privacy

    We ensure your privacy is completely and wholly secure - you only see your name on our website if you feel comfortable giving us a testamonial.