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Career Opportunities

We’re looking for an experienced product designer who can take Dynah from a rough-edged but fully-featured alpha to a beautiful and accessible beta, and beyond. You’ll report to our Head of Product and work with them and the engineering team to scope and implement your designs.

What you’ll be doing (core responsibilities)

  • Developing implementable designs for a Django web application.

  • Cultivating a calming product experience in a security and compliance application.

  • Collaborating with engineers to effectively execute on your design vision.

  • Building towards a coherent product identity and design system.

You should be (essential skills)

  • A practiced product designer with a strong aesthetic sense.

  • Experienced with web application design.

  • Able to document your design specifications so that they’re ready to implement.

  • Empathetic towards the people who use the things you are working to build.

  • A good colleague, committed to a psychologically-safe workplace and constructive collaboration.

Bonus qualities

We do not expect you to have any or even one of these before you start. We hope you will have the opportunity pick up some or all of these during your work with us, but they are not essential.

  • Life experiences uncommon among tech startup employees which may offer you areas of insight or empathy the rest of the team lacks.

  • Experienced with Django specifically or Python more generally.

  • An adept writer of product copy.

  • Familiar with software-as-a-service products and common client expectations & needs.

  • Knowledge of security or compliance for small & medium businesses.

About Red Queen

We’re Red Queen Dynamics, Inc. [RQDI], a remote-first security SaaS startup with people in Washington, North Carolina, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, California, New Hampshire, Delhi, and more.

Red Queen Dynamics has automated and is productizing the only cybersecurity program platform for small- and mid-sized businesses and built upon lessons learned from hands-on service. Our core product is Dynah, a web application which makes it easy to assess and improve security & compliance for SMBs. We’re a small startup coming out of stealth with customers, a great team, and an amazing future.

How we work

We’re remote-first without a central office: each of us is responsible for our own workspace. Our time zones are spread among the US and India, with core meetings at the intersection (early for the US West Coast, late for India). Our remote collaboration is built around Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. Remote and semi-asynchronous collaboration means that we care more about workload than which specific hours are worked. Nonetheless, we endeavor to maintain consistent work hours and genuinely switch off at the end of the day.


Applying & expectations

Email with your resume and a portfolio or link. This will likely be a contract-to-hire role, starting with a series of scoped work projects. This is at least in part because we want to be open to you being anywhere in the world, and there might be some initial paperwork to making sure you can do so as an employee. Initial work will be paid hourly. We hope to transition from a contractor to an employee within three months, switching from an hourly rate to startup salary and equity.

Don't see the role for you?

We're still small and the team can only grow so quickly. If you'd like to work with us, reach out so that we can keep you in mind as we continue to expand. Send us a resume or CV if you have it, and let us know what sorts of roles you should be considered for.